The Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi, is known for its sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of Andaman Sea. But one can’t enjoy a tropical holiday on an empty stomach. Here are the best restaurants with mouthwatering dishes and amazing views of Langkawi.


Pia’s the Padi serves various Western, northern Indian, Malay and Chinese dishes. Enjoy your meals at an open-dining area with amazing view of Gunung Raya and paddy fields. The overall dining experience is tranquil and comfortable. The friendly owner of this restaurant is happy to suggest popular dishes to try. The must-try dishes to savour are the signature beef rendang, seafood masala, deep fried spring rolls and Thai beef salad. Enjoy a free-flow of drinks, including cocktails, beer and wine with your scrumptious meal.


Located in the town of Kuah and near the waterfront, delight your palate with mouthwatering seafood dishes at Wonderland Food Store. The menu has listed the prices based on sizes (small, medium and large) or weight (minimum 100g – 200g, depending upon your seafood choice). We recommend trying the clam soup with mixed vegetables, butter prawns and dried chilli squid. The dishes are affordable. A great seafood meal to go well with beer. Be sure to come early to get a table since many diners fill up the 25 – 30 tables quickly.


Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant serves the freshest seafood in Cenang Beach, Langkawi. The restaurant welcomes you with hanging Chinese lanterns and huge aquariums of fresh seafood at the entrance. Fresh seafood that you will see in the aquariums includes lobsters, mantis prawns, dragon groupers and giant crabs. The price per dish (depends on the season and weight of seafood you order) is around RM$30 – $200 (US$7 – $50). The signature dishes to try are the black pepper tiger prawns, chilli crab and cheese baked lobsters.


This restaurant and bar is situated at the end of Cenang Beach, an ideal dining spot to enjoy your meals while enjoying the views of sandy beaches and clear blue waters. You even can enjoy the beautiful day, sunset and night views too. The chefs come up with innovative approaches in developing the local dishes with a balance of Western and Malaysian flavours. Savour the fusion dishes along with refreshing cocktails and wines, from appetisers to dessert. They also have set menus, including fusion, seasonal and buffet to choose from.


Three cousins’ passion for food was turned into a reality with the Fat Cupid Café & Restaurant. The restaurant provides diners a delightful atmosphere with delectable dishes. The restaurant is located at La Pari-Pari hotel in Tengah Beach, surrounded by nature. Savour the Nyonya and Australian delicacies with the café’s signature lemongrass drink. We suggest trying the mouthwatering beef burger, lemon butter snapper, nyonya laksa (noodles in coconut curry broth) and sambal udang (fresh prawns cooked in Malaysia’s spicy chilli sauce).


Deep in the heart of Langkawi’s rain forest, The Gulai House charms diners with a rustic traditional Malay kampung house and luscious nature. The restaurant is divided into various sections, including an open dining area and private areas decorated with traditional Malay low tables and cushion seats. The friendly waiters and waitresses, dressed in traditional Malay costumes, will guide you through a memorable dining experience. You will experience a traditional hand-wash ritual followed by enjoying the authentic Malay and Indian dishes served in banana leaves and hand-crafted ceramic bowls.


Sit back and relax at the Thirstday Bar & Restaurant after enjoying your leisure activities at Cenang Beach. It is situated just a walking distance away from the Orkid Ria Restaurant along the beach. The sunset views and refreshing cocktails are a perfect harmonious pair to have a good time with your loved ones and friends. Most of the cocktails cost more than RM$20 (US$5). Dig in for some seafood and Western dishes, including butter lobster and coconut ice cream.


Tapaz is known for its wide selection of tapas dishes and wine. The menu also includes Mediterranean-style main courses. Have homemade chicken liver pate served with stone bread, Kalamata olives and Greek salad as your starters. Fulfil your seafood cravings by having Olio Prawns and seafood platter. Don’t forget to enjoy delicious paella with a balance of spices. There is also a seafood option for paella. It will be an unforgettable experience with great food, wine and company.


Hungry for a Malaysian breakfast or lunch? Make your way down to the countryside and enjoy the delicious Terengganu and Kelantan nasi dagang (rice steamed in coconut milk served with fish curry, fried shaved coconut, hard-boiled egg and vegetable pickles). Pick aromatic curries (such as beef rendang, chicken curry, fish curry and mutton korma) to go with the rice before grabbing a table overlooking the amazing views of Langkawi. The whole eating experience is more memorable thanks to the friendly owner and the views of rice fields in front of Gunung Raya.


The family-owned restaurant, The Fat Frog, serves hearty and wholesome Western and Malaysian cuisine. The restaurant overlooks the golf course. Enjoy a refreshing and healthy lunch with salads and soaps. Some of the dishes are served with roast vegetables and whole grains. There are also vegetarian lunch options to choose from. Satisfy your cravings with their dinner options, including coriander hummus, pasta, burgers and traditional Malaysian rendang curry. Don’t forget to ask what their daily specials are. End your meal by indulging in the Fresh Cake of the Day or Dessert of the Day.